OUR MEMBER Organizations

We are mutually invested in each other’s success and are stronger because of our affiliation.

The Community Coalition is composed of member organizations who closely serve our local community.

the colonial theatre
The Colonial Theater’s mission is to nurture community by celebrating the power of film and the performing arts to entertain, inform and reveal meaning.
Citizen Advocacy’s mission is to initiate and support a variety of intentional relationships that provide advocacy for opportunity, protection from harm, sponsorship into community life, friendship, and justice for isolated people living with a disability.
Open Hearth, a leader in resource coordination and community building efforts provides innovative programs to support and empower people to end the cycle of homelessness, acquire affordable housing, a means of transportation, workforce opportunities, and achieve financial stability.
orion communities

Orion Communities offers hope for individuals and families experiencing hardships due to poverty, disability or illness by building bridges that lead to self-reliance while working towards social justice for all.

PAPA supports the youth of Phoenixville in becoming successful and productive adults through programs that have a positive impact on self-esteem and life skills development.