OUR Leadership

We believe that our Board is an innovative model that is one of the core strengths of our organization.

Board of Directors

In addition to leaders from our community, each of the five non-profit organizations provides two members who serve on our Board . This practice exemplifies a founding intention of the Community Coalition – that the organization be member-driven; governed by consensus and comprised of the organizations.

  • Cathy Miller– President
  • Alicia Luke, Esq. – Vice President
  • Jennifer Carlson – Treasurer
  • Pauline Monson – Secretary
  • Warren Fisher – Member at Large
  • Marissa Balmer
  • Keri Brooks
  • Keith Burress
  • Ryan Dadoly
  • Tori Ennis
  • Amy Gallagher
  • Kevin Hartnett
  • Kelly Raggazino
  • Alexis Son
  • Anna C. Weyl, Esq

Advisory Board

  • Moira Mumma – President
  • Harlan Batrus
  • Allison Weiss Brady
  • Pam Bryer
  • Susan Elko
  • Julie & Ritson Ferguson
  • Kip Forbes
  • Johanna Gilbert
  • Anne Hamilton
  • Angela E. Jones
  • Eleanor Mascheroni
  • John McGowan
  • Molly Morrison
  • Kenneth Mumma
  • Tom Quick
  • Maud Welles
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OUR staff

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