We believe that our Board is an innovative model that is one of the core strengths of our organization. In addition to leaders from our community, each of the five Coalition organizations provides two members who serve as Board members. This practice exemplifies a founding intention of the Coalition – that the organization be member driven; governed by consensus and comprised of the organizations.

Board smaller

L-R Alexis Boswell, Angela Jones, Kevin Holleran, Seth Koss, Johanna Gilbert, Keith Burress, Becky Bradbeer, Ken George, Mary Foote, Eliza Zimmerman, Judy van Beuren, Kelly Raggazino, Susan Elko, Mariann Horan, Sandy Claus, Anna Weyl (new member in 2016), Franny Abbott, and Dolly Winston

Board of Directors

Eliza M. Zimmerman, President 

Kelly Raggazino, Vice President 

Johanna Gilbert, Treasurer 

Mary Foote, Secretary 

Alexis Boswell

Keith Burress

Sandra Claus

Susan Elko

Andrew Goduto

Mariann Horan

Kevin Holleran, Esq.

Angela E. Jones

Seth Koss

Cathy Miller

Judy van Beuren

Anna C. Weyl, Esq.

Dolores Winston